Handy pills reminder & medication tracker

Baby feeding and activity tracker

Use wide opportunities

Use the simple app to track breastfeeding
Note which breast was fed last to ensure starting new feeding on the opposite breast
Record the frequency and quantity of pumped breast milk
Use the maximum duration of pumping setting and the app will stop recording at the set time if you are unable to press stop
Record the time and duration of your baby's sleep
Set sleep reminders to maintain baby's ideal sleep schedule
Record your baby's number of wet and / or dirty diapers
This information is crucial for noticing signs of dehydration, constipation, and diarrhea and alerting the child's pediatrician if necessary.
Record your child's height and weight
Evaluate your baby's development
Make different notes and add reactions
The first smile, the first tooth, all you want to save.
Record all fluids your older child drinks
Track child's reaction to new fluids and leave comments for yourself and other caregivers
Record the solid food your older child eats
Track child's reaction to foods and leave comments for yourself and other caregivers
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